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NVR Software

NVR Video Management Software
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    • This works only with the Basic Series Stand Alone NVR
    • V-IMS NVR Software
    • PC based, easy of installation, user friendly operation
    • Auto Search and add IP camera, NVR
    • Multi languages support, multi layout, multi users, multi alarms, multi logs query, multi screen display
    • Full range of basic functions: Real-time video, record, playback, alarm query
    • Easy and full range of NVR &IP camera functions configuration
    • Up to 32CH NVR access
    • Motion detection
    • Video playback
    • Download record video to local hard disk or USB
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    •  INVIEW 2.5X NVR
    • Camera Multi-stream in live view, playback
    • Flexible Recycle Mechanism
    • Dual Password Validation
    • Mobile Client
    • Auto Backup & Auto-Load Balance
    • Duplicate Camera
    • Fisheye De-warp
    • Multiple motion
    • Alarm Action
    • Remote live view
    • E-map

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    • Veilux IP Enterprise NVR Software
    • Intuitive access to recorded video from any camera
    • Frame-by-Frame or variable playback speeds up to 16X
    • View single camera or drag and drop up to 16 cameras for Synchronized Playback
    • Save JPEG or print snapshots
    • Clips include visible watermark, server based date/time stamp and camera name
    • Full-featured Windows, Web, and Mobile Clients
    • iPhone and iPad app available for free on iTunes, Android app available for free through Google Play
    • Multi level mapping provides quick access to cameras
    • Mouse over Camera icons for live video pop-up
    • Red outline in camera layout on alarm conditions
    • Support for unlimited cameras and recording servers
    • Distributed login to any server prevents single point of failure
    • Support for both centralized and distributed architectures
    • Multi-level security including restriction of setup, management, live and recorded viewing, PTZ operation, access to layouts, facility maps, rules and clip creation
    • Authenticate users with a Video Insight user database or with integration of users and groups from Active Directory, LDAP or Novell eDirectory
    • Flexible high-speed storage design with no limits
    • Support for internal and external storage devices including NAS, SAN and iSCSI
    • 250 two megapixel cameras per operating system
    • Deep camera integration technology and storage architecture allow extreme server performance
    • Simple per camera licensing available in single camera increments
    • No base or server fees
    • Lifetime technical support Monday through Saturday
    • Unlimited software updates
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    • This works only with the Pro Series Stand Alone NVR
    • IONVISION SMART Professional Surveillance System
    • The configurations of access control are newly supported in V1.14.0
    • Advanced E-map features are newly supported in V1.14.0
    • Support 4K cameras
    • Support Smart Track by linking a fisheye and PTZ
    • Support multiple tour tasks
    • One channel can be split into different windows
    • Easy to manage up to 256 devices or 2000 channels
    • Up to 36channels synchronous playback
    • Friendly GUI for an easy operation
    • Support P2P devices
    • Support fisheye image correction in both live viewing and playback.