V-THERMAL-IP Thermal Network Camera

Key Features:

  • Un-cooled Infrared Focal Plane Sensor
  • 8 ~ 14μm Long Wave Infrared Detection Pixels Up to 420 × 315 Pixels
  • Heat Sensitivity, up to 50mK
  • Support Pseudo-color Mode Switching: Black Hot / White Heat / Rainbow / On Oxide Red
  • Support DVE Image Enhancement Features
  • Support Noise / Mirroring
  • Supports H.264 BP / MP / HP / MJPEG Optional Four Coding Algorithms and Compatibility
  • Real-time 3 Yards Stream Output Can Meet Local Storage and Network Transmission of Video
  • 1 Channel Audio Input, 1 Channel Audio Output, Two-way Voice Intercom
  • Support Micro SD (Maximum Capacity to Support 32GB) Card Local Storage, Can Effectively Solve the Video Lost Due to Network Failure Caused the Problem
  • Hardware Watchdog, Fault Auto Recovery
  • Metal Linkage Cooling Design
  • Three-axis Rotation Adjustable Bracket for Easy Installation Adjustment
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The Veilux V-THERMAL-IP Thermal Network Camera is capable of recording footage in 420 x 315 thermal resolution. Additionally, the surveillance camera utilizes H.264 and MJPEG compression to efficiently transmit and store data by reducing bandwidth. A micro SD memory card slot provides alternative, on-board storage for footage. Further, the security camera is compatible with power over Ethernet for a simple and reliable connection without any excessive wiring. 2D/3D noise reduction counteracts the digital noise that creates static to provide you with a crisp and clear image.

Weight 4.19 lbs