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You don’t want to hear how Hollywood portrays it, because this isn’t Hollywood – it’s real life. Protecting your property in a high risk environment is paramount, and ensuring people play by the rules is essential. Among the world’s many industries the casino and gaming industries are the most lucrative and are some of the highest risk environments in the world. Casinos and gaming centers are prone to theft, cheating, violence, and organized crime.  All of these things could bring about events that could only be explained if it were captured on camera. Of all the industries we serve we know that the house takes enough risks by just being open. Vastly improve your house’s risk mitigation procedure with our cameras.

The average casino operates with 1,000 to 5,000 cameras depending on how big the floor is. Each camera is positioned to capture everything that takes place on the casino floor. With our cutting edge technology, pit managers and surveillance operators can use intelligent analytics to monitor players and dealer’s behaviors.  Coupled with facial recognition technology a cheater will not be able to get away with multiple disguises.  Due to the increased resolution and picture quality of IP, TVI, and other types of high-definition cameras, we can provide crystal clear cutting edge image quality to prosecute the criminal.

There is an innumerable range of possible circumstances that can go wrong on the floor, and those odds are not in the houses favor. Our cameras can help security personnel turn those odds to keep patrons, employees, and property safe from every angle.

Another upside to intelligent analytics software is that it can provide vital marketing data. This data can be analyzed to optimize casino efficiency, and to study which games are popular among patrons. Furthermore, data collection does not have to be restricted to just the casino. While monitoring suspicious behavior and ensuring the safety of your patrons customer shopping behaviors can be monitored to help with marketing operations, this also gives hospitality coordinators the opportunities to optimize a mall’s floor plan to maximize profit. Call Veilux today to discuss the odds of winning with our state of the art CCTV IP/TVI/HDSDI, or analog systems. Call 1 (800) 510-6528 today.

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