Explosive Proof Cameras, Housings, and Accessories.

These products include a variety of different types of cameras and other networking equipment and solutions, cabling and complete turnkey solutions to a variety of security applications and needs including those within hazardous environments. With a full array of explosion-proof cameras and security equipment, Veilux can provide operators, security personnel and anyone concerned with the safety and security of a business or other location a comprehensive security solution capable of fitting just about any possible security need or requirement. In addition to security purposes, explosion-proof cameras and surveillance systems can be used for several other applications within hazardous areas. These additional applications include vessel, tank, and reactor monitoring, remote observation of external facilities and monitoring of cleaning, spray patterns, mixing, foaming, reaction, and level. Using an explosion-proof security camera or surveillance system for such applications can greatly streamline production and simplifies the monitoring of different situations without the need to have a physical body within a hazardous area which also improves safety in the workplace. Veilux’s line of explosion-proof cameras and surveillance systems are very versatile and can be utilized for very specific applications as well as being custom-designed for an operator’s scenario or requirement. Operators can start from scratch and purchase everything they need for security and surveillance purposes or can supplement existing equipment, such as DVR recording systems, with explosion-proof security cameras housing and cabling. This ability to serve a wide range of needs makes Veilux the ideal source for explosion-proof cameras and surveillance equipment for hazardous environments. Check out our variety of categories below and reach us for any queries.

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