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  •  INVIEW 2.5X NVR
  • Camera Multi-stream in live view, playback
  • Flexible Recycle Mechanism
  • Dual Password Validation
  • Mobile Client
  • Auto Backup & Auto-Load Balance
  • Duplicate Camera
  • Fisheye De-warp
  • Multiple motion
  • Alarm Action
  • Remote live view
  • E-map


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INVIEW 2.5X NVR Smart security management system integrates video surveillance and alarm services which are required for government, business, civil systems. This software can facilitate video surveillance, mobile surveillance, intelligent video analysis surveillance and more. It combines access control systems, alarm systems and POS systems to provide customized product solutions for users.

The Inview 2.5 system is based on a simple and user friendly design, it takes into consideration  user for installation, configuration and application requirements, it adopts embedded and industrial design ideas, multiple modules can be freely combined, features flexible configuration to meet all kinds of security video surveillance systems. This system can be widely used in finance, telecommunications, justice, traffic, transportation, education, electricity, military, enterprise groups, intelligent buildings, and other industries.


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