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Key Features:

  • For Corrosive Atmospheres
  • 316L stainless steel material. Also available in 304 stainless steel
  • Support multiple control protocols
  • 360° pan continuous rotation
  • 120° tilt rotation
  • Support advanced OSD menu
  • Ceiling mounting for indoor application

This popular Veilux explosion-proof camera is a PTZ camera is used in various locations such as oil and gas drilling and production, chemical industry,ports, mines or military locations (and many more). The integrated camera can pan 360 degrees, it is IP-67 rated. The integrated camera has a 23x optical lens and a 10x digital zoom, furthering the depth of field much more than many other comparable cameras. Full Panning and Tilting capabilities, while still being made of durable stainless steel. Unlike buying a camera to put into the housing yourself, the Veilux SVEX-Q18’s price includes both housing and the actual camera. Full 360° continuous panning and 120° tilt rotation, allows the SVEX-Q18 to view just about any angle needed from its placement location. Can be mounted with with a ceiling, pendant or wall-mount (not included).

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SVEX-Q18 Spec Sheet