VCH-5400HB-IR External IR Housing


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Key Features:

  • External Housing with Active IR Illuminator
  • Tyntek LED Chip
  • Blower and heater included
  • High light transmittance toughened glass
  • IP-66 protection


In stock

The Veilux VCH-5400HB-IR External Housing with IR Illuminator makes this easy to monitor a target and remain hidden. The use of an invisible light source allows the camera to monitor dark areas in real time with great visibility. Additionally, the housing works with common low light intensity black and white cameras, day & night cameras or infrared low light intensity color cameras to better sense surrounded scenery and the infrared light that can be reflected back. Further, this camera housing works with the latest technology and is economic, dependable and makes a perfect solution.

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VCH-5400HB-IR Spec Sheet