Veilux VLED-32 32 Inch Widescreen CCTV Monitors with HD Capability


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Spec Sheet

  • 32 Inch Widescreen
  • HD Capability
  • Aluminum face +Meta back case
  • Super vivid color
  • VGA+HDM+1xBNC in+1xBNC out+1xAudio
  • Super slim design
  • 24×7


In stock

The Veilux VLED-32 Widescreen HD Monitor features a 32-inch LED backlight screen with super vivid color. Additionally, the screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 resolution for high definition footage. The device has rack mount support for convenient and easy installation. Further, the monitor incorporates VGA, HDMI and BNC ports for several simple and reliable connection options. The unit is encased in a robust plastic housing for a durable package that will last you years.

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VLED-32 Spec Sheet