VMS-TVI-9608 Digital Matrix Switcher

Key Features:

  • supports 256CH
  • 8 HDMI outputs
  • support ASI/SD/HD/3GB/s SDI switch
  • redundant CPU as back-up
  • Max. Support 252×252 SDI matrix switcher
  • Plug-in design
  • Running status displayed real-time
  • Controlled by local keyboards
  • Support remote control over RS232/RS485
  • Redundant back-up power optional

The Veilux VMS-TVI-9608 Digital Matrix Switcher is capable of processing footage on up to 256 channels of SDI video. Additionally, the matrix incorporates 8 HDMI outputs and supports a redundant CPU as back-up. The matrix switcher has a maximum support of 252 x 252. Further, the switcher can be controlled by local keyboards for easy accessibility.

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