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  • VRHD-16SDI
  • Max. 120/100fps Recording and Playback at Full-HD 1080p Resolution
  • Adjustable Recording Quality and Framerate Per Each Channel
  • Supports High-resolutions over 1200TV Lines at Live/Playback
  • Supports Dual Codec (H.264,JPEG) and Multi Stream (HD, nHD(640×360))
  • Full-HD 1920×1080 Resolution Output Via HDMI Port
  • Various Live and Playback Display (1/4 Split-screen)
  • Robust IPFR (Intelligent Power Failure Recovery) DVR File System
  • Max. 2 Internal SATA Type HDDs
  • Date/Time, Calendar, Event, Thumbnail, Smart, Text Search Available
  • At-the-PC Playback of Removed DVR HDD
  • Lightning Arrester on HD-SDI, RS-485, DIO Ports
  • Provides bundle CMS program, managing Max. 1,024 DVRs in various ways such as E-map, Viewset
  • Java Viewer for Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Supports various mobile platform (iPhone/Android Viewer, Mobile page)
  • Provides Full SDK for easy and powerful customization


Out of stock

Full-HD Digital Video Recorder

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