Veilux VLCD-17 17″ LCD Monitor

Key Features:

  • TFT-LCD CCTV Monitor
  • Contrast Ratio 500:1
  • Response time 5ms
  • Metal Case and Tempered Glass


The Veilux VLCD-17 LCD CCTV Monitor features a 17-inch LED back-lit screen capable of displaying footage in 1920 x 1080 resolution. Additionally, the monitor has an industry-level quality screen, and is built in a steel case for strength and durability. The industry-level LCD has better color performance and increased gray level to allow the monitor to display more details than regular LCD monitors. Further, the mainboard incorporates the best electronic components to enable the monitor to run 24×7 without issue and the metal housing of the monitor helps with heat dissipation to increase the  lifetime of the unit. The firmware of the monitor is specially designed to drastically reduce noise in the video signal and provides sharp image quality.

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VLCD-17 Spec Sheet