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Our Policy

Warranty Services and RMA Policy

Veilux offers a 2 year warranty & support for its product purchase before 1/1/2013. 

Veilux offers a 3 year warranty & support for its product purchase after 1/1/2013. 


Model Number






1 year


All Models


1 year


All Models IP Products 2 year  

All Models

Fiber Optical Products

1 year


All Models

Explosion Proof Products

1 year

Including Accessories


Sony 18x Zoom Module

1 year



Sony 27x Zoom Module

1 year



Sony 36x Zoom Module

1 year



Packaging and Shipping Instructions for RMA’s

Returning an In-Warranty Veilux item for Warranty repair:

  • A Return Material Authorization (RMA) number is required for every return shipment to Veilux. The applied Return Material Authorization number on the shipment must match the correct amount of units, model type and (serial numbers on some units only).
  • Write your Return Material Authorization number on the outside of the box in bold letters
  • Please provide a copy of your invoice if the item was not purchased directly from Veilux. Please note that the invoice will not be returned when warranty work is completed.
  • Please provide a sheet of paper with your return stating the return shipping address that the item will be shipped to once it is repaired.
  • Use a traceable carrier that can provide proof of delivery. (Keep this for your records.)
  • Return Material Authorization numbers are valid for 30 days, from the date they are issued.
  • Remove and keep third party cases, cables, brackets. We are not responsible for third party items.
  • Merchandise will not be accepted for return (for repair or replacement) unless our permission has been previously given,  and a  return authorization number has been issued.
  • In case a customer shipped products without RMA # the shipping department will not accept the shipments.
  • In case we accept the shipment mistakenly and RMA # was not issued to the customer for the item that was stated to be shipped for repair, the customer is responsible for shipping charges to be shipped back to them with the unit not being repair. Customer RMA’s will not be released unless the customer prepays for shipping charges. If customer does not provide a prepaid shipping label within 10 days the unit will be disposed of.
  • Shipping charges are non-refundable & installation charges are irreversible.
  • Dead out of the Box DOB:  Within 10 days of an order received returns are accepted with an RMA. The return items have to be as original status condition. Customer is responsible for testing the product within 10 days of receiving the product.
  • Within the first 7 Days up to 30 days of product receipt, orders returned  are accepted with a minimum of 20% restocking fee and store credit will be issued (This is only on products  that were purchased directly from Veilux)
  • After 30 days of an order being issued a minimum of 30% restocking fee is applied if return is accepted and store credit will be issued on the remaining balance (for item purchased directly from Veilux.)
  • No returns are acceptable after 60 days of Credit card charges.  (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • ADVANCE REPLACEMENTS are not allowed unless customer is pre-charged for replacement. A refund will be issued only when the items have been received from the customer and inspected. If items were misused, improperly installed, or anything else besides manufacturing defects, items will not be covered under warranty and credit will not be issued. Customer must pay for return label to send defective item within 10 days or the item will be disposed of. Restocking fee may be applied.
  • Advance replacements do not apply after 10 days of a purchase. If the item was purchased from an outside vendor the advance replacement does not apply; all products that require warranty repairs have to be dealt with Veilux directly.
  • Any product received by customer during delivery that is damaged should be refused or noted on your delivery receipt “bill of lading”.
  • Fees are applied for evaluation of any out-of-warranty product.

OSC – ORIGINAL STATUS CONDITION (Applies to Credit Return Only!)

  • All packing content included
  • No parts or accessories are missing including package wraps
  • No writing on the external box, package content or the product itself
  • No marks, scratches, dents, or any irregularity on products
  • Void warranty stickers should not be broken, removed, or tampered with.
  • Products have not been mounted, installed, or configured.

WARNING: Veilux maintains serial number tracking. Any item discovered to be stolen will not have the warranty honored, will not be returned to user and no repairs will be processed or issued.

All warranty claims are voided if a product is received under any of the following conditions.
A. Product was damaged during transport as a result of bad packaging
B. Product damaged, modified, scratched, misused, improper install, infestation, or water damaged.
C. Product has one or more Veilux labels removed, broken, torn, or tampered with.
D. Product was shipped without proper ESD protection (For Windows Base DVR Cards and Acc. Cards)

If warranty is found to be VOID from any of the following condition the buyer is responsible for sending Veilux a return label for the product within 10 days after being contacted.

If label is not received within 10 days item will be disposed of.

 Packaging and Shipping Instructions

Veilux shall have no liability with respect to (a) data lost, regardless of the cause, (b) data recovery services, or (c) data contained in any Product placed in Veilux possession. Veilux is not liable for and has no obligation to pay for any cost associated with data recovery.

Please read the following shipping instructions carefully. Product that arrives damaged in shipment, without an RMA number or without appropriate warranty information, will be, returned to the sender non-repaired at the sender’s expense. Products, damaged through neglect due to improper packaging or in shipment, will have the warranty voided and will be processed and returned to you non-repaired

Only products and quantities authorized through the Return Material Authorization process will be accepted. If you’re RMA packing list is in error, i.e., Wrong product description, wrong model number, wrong capacity please contact Veilux Tech Support prior to shipment. Please call 1-800-510-6528

This is subject to change without notice.

Upon completion of obtaining RMA #, please return your product to the following address: 802 Greenview Dr. Ste. 200 Grand Prairie, TX, 75050

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